Radioactive Toxins In Water?

Radioactive materials such as uranium, radium, strontium and thorium emit ionizing radiation that can damage DNA and mitochondria over time. The EPA has guidelines for acceptable quantities of these materials in tap water. However, accumulated levels of radioactive toxins in water can have a larger impact on one’s state of health than the EPA is currently taking into account. This is especially true given the current state of health, toxin burden and mitochondrial sickness experienced by many people today.

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Where Do Radioactive Toxins Come From?

Radioactive materials occur naturally in rocks and within the layers of the earth. As humans we are wired to manage a certain amount of radioactive elements.

However this natural exposure combined with modern-day health factors such as overwhelmed drainage and elimination pathways, excessive glyphosate exposure, pesticide exposure and microbiome imbalances can overwhelm the liver and cause build up within the body instead of resulting in proper elimination.

Additionally man-made radioactive sources add to the natural accumulation of radioactive toxins in water. Man-made radioactive sources such as nuclear power plants, weapons testing sites, airports (from jet streams) and pharmaceutical production facilities leak out into the groundwater and eventually end up in our drinking water.

The EPA considers certain levels of radioactive exposure to be safe. However sustained, long-term exposure is not taken into account. The EPA doesn’t account for individual toxin burden or detoxification capacity. These two factors should be considered by all individuals looking to improve health and healing.

The Importance of Drinking Clean Water

It’s true, we’d all rather be able to just drink water without having to consider such contaminants. And some people may very well be able to drink a lifetime of tap water minimally filtered water, unscathed.

However, since water is such a fundamental element of health and bodily function it seems like choosing filtered water and avoiding radioactive toxins in drinking water offers a big pay off for a relatively small lifestyle shift. This is something we have seen ring true inside our functional medicine practice again and again!

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Why We Prefer Distilled Water

While there are a lot of different types of water filters on the market, the only kind that removes radioactive elements is a water distiller.

The distillation process removes everything from water. All heavy metals, chemicals, radioactive elements and even the good stuff like minerals.

For this reason, lots of people worry that they need to add minerals back to their water.

Remineralizing Water

If you are concerned about the lack of minerals in your distilled water, the remedy is cheap and easy! Simply sprinkle a pinch of high quality Pink Himalayan Sea Salt into a few glasses of your water.

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt by Redmond’s Salt is a high-quality source of minerals that can help to remineralize distilled water. This salt contains over 80 trace minerals, including magnesium, potassium, and calcium, which are essential for many physiological functions in the body. In addition to its mineral content, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt has been shown to have potential health benefits, such as reducing inflammation and improving digestion.

There is a common misconception that we as humans receive our minerals solely from water, which we don’t. We should be able to receive adequate amounts of minerals from our vegetables, fruits and animal protein.

However if you feel like you need a little mineral boost, grab you Pink Himalayan Sea Salt and add a pinch to your glasses of water throughout the day.

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Getting Your Own Water Distiller

detox your home's water filter

If you want to get a water distiller of your own, we recommend the starter one from Amazon. It produces two gallons of water per batch. We turn ours on at night before bed and wake up each morning to fresh, pure water to drink for the day!

If you prefer a water distiller that yields larger batches, My Pure Water has an array of sizes for any household.

Pure Water Home Distiller

The kitchen is a vital space that certainly deserves our attention as it’s the heartbeat of most homes. From swapping out cookware and shopping organic, there are many simple changes that can make big impact on health. Today we’ll focus on the few that you’ll find you interact with most often: cookware, cleaners and water.




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