Radioactive Toxins In Water?

detox your home guide

Radioactive materials such as uranium, radium, strontium and thorium emit ionizing radiation that can damage DNA and mitochondria over time. The EPA has guidelines for acceptable quantities of these materials in tap water. However, accumulated levels of radioactive toxins in water can have a larger impact on one’s state of health than the EPA is […]

Unlock the Secrets to a Successful Detox

Secrets of a successful detox

Have you ever tried a detox diet or cleanse, only to feel worse than before? You’re not alone. Many people experience negative side effects because their body’s natural detoxification pathways aren’t adequately prepared for a sudden flush of toxins. We want to help you unlock the secrets to a successful detox! That’s where the PreTox […]

Room By Room Guide To Detox Your Home

detox your home guide

Our room-by-room detox mini-guide will help you swap out toxic home products with safer, more natural alternatives. We suggest starting with one room this month and then move onto another room the next month. Small changes over time have a large impact. You’ll have your whole home upgraded to all natural status in no time! […]